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The Use And Maintenance Of The Drive Shaft

The drive shaft is a rotating body with a high speed and less support, so its dynamic balance is very important. The general drive shaft must carry on the dynamic balance test before the factory, and adjusts on the balance machine. For the rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the transmission is transmitted to the main reducer axis, Drive Axis it can be several sections, between sections can be connected by universal joints.

The drive shaft is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. The telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the distance between the transmission and the drive axle. Universal joint is to ensure the transmission output shaft and drive axle input shaft Two axis of the angle of change, Drive Axis and realize two axes of the isometric speed transmission.

The characteristics of the drive shaft are determined. Because at the motor shaft work, both ends will be offset many, if the two sides strictly concentric with the spindle dynamic balancing machine drive shaft, Drive Axis but the actual situation does not match. Direct use of projection elements to connect double pendulum balancing machine, to make up for the shortcomings of the design, reduce the balance before the transmission shaft failure phenomenon, the main must be strict heart (in fact, even if the two axes strictly concentric, Drive Axis as long as the sudden element of the face is not zero, still produce a phenomenon).

The use and maintenance of the drive shaft

In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft and prolong its service life, it should be noted in use:

Cars are strictly forbidden to start with high-speed gears.

The clutch pedal is strictly prohibited.

Cars are strictly forbidden to overload and speed.

You should always check the drive shaft for working conditions.

Should always check the drive shaft hanger fastening situation, Drive Axis whether the support rubber damage, drive shaft of the joints are loose, the drive shaft deformation.

In order to ensure the dynamic balance of the driving axle, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the balance welding piece is off welding. The new drive axle assembly is provided, the assembly mark of the telescopic sleeve should be paid attention in the new drive axle loading, Drive Axis so the flange fork should be ensured in a plane. When the driving shaft is removed, the assembly mark should be printed on the telescopic sleeve and the flange shaft in case the original assembly relationship remains unchanged when reassembled.

Should often be added to the universal joint cross bearing grease, the summer should be injected into the 3rd lithium base grease, Drive Axis in winter to inject 2nd lithium base grease.

The driving axle is a kind of loader working device, which is a device which can rotate the driving wheel according to different angular speed by the smoothness of the loader.

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