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The Pump Shaft Has The Function Of Transmitting Power

The structure of the pump shaft comprises an optical end part and a spline tooth end part, which is formed by extruding and stretching process. A plurality of external teeth are arranged on the outer wall of the junction of the end part of the light end and the spline tooth ends, and the junction of the light end part and the end part of the spline tooth is provided with an impeller positioning sleeve. The inner wall of the impeller positioning sleeve is arranged with the inner teeth of one-time extruding and drawing with center positioning, Pump Axis and the inner teeth match with the outer teeth. The beneficial effect of the invention is that both the strength of the pump shaft and the parallelism and strength of the impeller positioning can be ensured, Pump Axis and the machining time and process are shortened quickly.

The pump shaft is made of forged finishing and has two kinds of optical axis and ladder shaft.

The shaft is fitted with bearings, axial seals and other components.

What is the function of the pump shaft?

Pump shaft is mainly the transmission power, support impeller to maintain its normal operation in the work position.

One end is connected with the motor shaft through the coupling, Pump Axis and the other end supports the rotation of the rotating blades.

Slurry pump in normal working time, because of the high-speed rotation of the pump shaft to drive the high-speed rotation of the impeller.

So the stress of the shaft is mostly variable stress, Pump Axis and the fatigue damage is the main.

The pump shaft works under the joint action of bending and torsion

So it supports the rotation on the one hand and also bears the bending

In order to transfer the rotation motion and torque of the original motive to the impeller

Because of the high speed rotation of the impeller, Pump Axis the liquid can be inhaled and discharged into the pipeline continuously.

How to choose the material of the pump shaft?

According to the working characteristics and stress of the pump shaft

When selecting materials, Pump Axis use carbon steels and alloy steels with better fatigue resistance

The comprehensive mechanical properties of these materials are better

If the pump speed is not high, the transmission medium temperature, pressure is not high

Pump shaft with carbon steel can be

If the pump speed is high, Pump Axis the transmission medium temperature, high pressure

Alloy steel with high strength ratio for pump shaft

If used to transport acid, alkali and other strong corrosive media

Pump shaft material is generally lcr18n19 lcr18ni9ti and other stainless steel.

How to measure the pump shaft bending?

Shaft bending will cause unbalance of the rotor and wear and tear of the static and dynamic parts

Put small bearings on V-shaped iron, Pump Axis large bearings on the roller bracket, so that the firm

Then put the dial on, the pole points to the axis, then slowly drive the pump shaft

If there is a bend, the dial has a maximum and minimum reading for each round.

(The difference of two readings indicates the maximum radial runout of the shaft, known as the degree of sway)

The axis curvature is 1/2 of the degree of sway.

The radial runout of the shaft is no more than 0 in the middle. 05mm, Pump Axis at both ends no more than 0.02mm

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