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CONICE is one of the most famous motor axle, spindle rod, threaded rod, rotation shaft manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with motor axle ISO free sample, welcome to buy cheap, newest and customized products made in China and wholesale low price, advanced, durable, easy-maintainable and latest-design bulk motor axle from our factory, and also welcome to check the quotation and pricelist with us....
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  • The Pump Shaft Has The Function Of Transmitting Power
    The structure of the pump shaft comprises an optical end part and a spline tooth end part, which is formed by extruding and stretching process. A plurality of external teeth are arranged on the outer wall of the junction of the end part of the light end and the spline tooth ends, and the junction of the light end part and the end part of the spline tooth is provided with an impeller positioning sleeve. The inner wall of the impeller positioning sleeve is arranged with the inner teeth of one-time extruding and drawing with center positioning, Pump Axis and the inner teeth match with the outer teeth. The beneficial effect of the invention is that both the strength of the pump shaft and the parallelism and strength of the impeller positioning can be ensured, Pump Axis and the machining time and process are shortened quickly.
  • 2016-02-03
    Mainly made of carbon steel or alloy steel shaft material, or nodular cast iron and all...
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